44.9°n #5

Aquatic Invasive Species Good, Bad, What To Do

Fresh Water Solutions, the contractor hired by LTLA to monitor aquatic invasive species (AIS), completed this summer 2021 survey. Read the good news, the bad news, and what you can do to help. 

44.9°n #3

Beavers vs Water Levels Bulletin - March 2021

The Association has long been aware of the impact of beaver dams along Shalda Creek on the water levels of the Lake. For decades, local residents have collected water level data and tried to ensure the stream was free of blockages. New recommendations and action plans are summarized after a recent water level study.

44.9°n #2

Enteric Bacteria Water Studies Bulletin - Dec 2020

The beginning of  a three-year study to understand how septic fields, drinking water and lake water quality are reacting to our “new normal” intense rain and high water events.

44.9°n #4

An Imminent Threat to LTL  - June 2021

A highly aggressive aquatic weed known as Eurasion Watermilfoil (EWM) is wreaking havoc in freshwater lakes throughout Michigan. It poses an imminent threat to Little Traverse Lake. We must take immediate action to defend our lake from this and other invasive species. Learn about the LTLA boat wash campaign and take action!

44.9°n #1

Invasive Species Bulletin - Oct 2020

Due to the increasing threat of invasive plants and harmful algae in
Leelanau County, the LTLA Water Quality Committee contracted
with Freshwater Solutions in 2020 to complete a lake wide survey to
identify aquatic vegetation and its location.

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