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Eliminating or controlling aquatic and land invasive species is important to the health of Little Traverse Lake and its surroundings. Consider native plant landscaping and learn about invasive species threats.

Land Plants

"Many plants invasive in our region were once imported for use in ornamental landscapes, and some remain popular in the nursery trade even today.  Whereas in the past, gardeners were unaware of the impact of invasive species, today we have the opportunity to make informed decisions about what we plant."

Eradicating Invasive Species and Landscaping Alternatives

Invasive Species

Aquatic Plants and Animals

"Most plants and animals found in inland lakes are natural parts of a diverse and healthy ecosystem.  Unfortunately, there are a few species that can become problematic when introduced to a lake, threatening lake health...and having often unpredictable environmental impacts.  Because of the threat that these invasive species pose... it is important that we know how to identify them, work to prevent their introduction into lakes where they are not currently found, and understand the available management options if they are found in a lake"

Aquatic Invasive Species Impact and Prevention