• No more than two powered watercraft of more than 10 horse power per parcel of land.
  • Michigan state-wide speed limit on the water is 55 mph.
  • Powered watercraft must operate at a slow, no wake speed limit within 100 feet of a dock, raft, anchored boat, swimmer or within 100 feet of the shoreline or water depth is 3 feet or less.
  • High speed boating must be done in a counter-clockwise direction around the lake whenever possible.

Personal Watercraft (PWC) -Jet Ski additional rules:

  • Operating hours are 8:00 AM until one hour before sunset
  • Slow, no wake speed: Where water depth is less than 2 feet, within 100 feet of dock, raft or swimmer, within 150 feet of another vessel.
  • PWC are requested to confine high speed activities to the central part of the lake.


  • Fireworks use is only allowed on the day preceding, day of, and day after a National holiday.
  • Be considerate and do not use fireworks after 11:00 PM.

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Lake Regulations

Watercraft, zoning, lighting and fireworks regulations protect quality of life, property and the safety of residents and visitors at Little Traverse Lake. 

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