The  LTLPOA Water Quality Committee is working with Ron Reimink of Freshwater Solutions, in coordination with other neighbor lake associations, testing for levels of human fecal pollution through Enteric Bacteria analysis. ​​​

2017 E.coli Results
2018 Enteric Bacteria Final Report
​2019 Enteric Bacteria Final Report
​2020 Enteric Bacteria Study Plan

2020 Enteric Bacteria Final Report​​

Other Related Studies

​​Enteric Bacteria 

These studies are coordinated by the Little Traverse Lake Water Quality Committee, a group of volunteers committed to understanding the environmental health of Little Traverse Lake.  They continue to partner with regional experts and community organizations in these efforts.

​​​Water Chemistry & Shoreline Periphyton 

LTL Water Quality Studies

The  LTLPOA has contracted Dr. Ray Canale to conduct a multi-year water quality monitoring program and develop an EXCEL database.   The off-shore program measures algal nutrients, water clarity, chlorophyll, and dissolved oxygen at multiple depths at a deep water site several times per year.  The near-shore program measures periphyton (including Cladophora) at nine locations.  Near-shore algal growth is a sensitive indicator of nutrient inputs from sources such as septic system drain fields and fertilizer run-off. A baseline survey of periphyton on Little Traverse Lake was conducted by volunteers in 2016. Broader studies continue by Dr. Canale.

2016 Baseline Cladophora Survey
Initial Water Testing Presentation / Proposal 
09/2018 Report 
​​07/11/2020 Zoom Presentation

​​Water Quality Database

Compatibility:  PCs with Excel. The database graphing functions will not run using other programs (eg. Google Docs) or on Macs.  ​

To access the database on your PC click on the link above and download the file to your computer.  Then:

  • Double click on the database file
  • Once the file has opened in Excel, click on the Security warning’s “Enable Content” button
  • If asked, “Do you want to make this file a Trusted Document?”, select Yes
  • If you’re unable to view the file’s worksheets or use the buttons within the file to navigate through the worksheets, try selecting following options within Excel while the file is open:
  • From menu bar select File / Options / Add-ins / Analysis ToolPak – VBA / OK