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Regional Water Studies & Resources

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Maintaining the quality of Little Traverse Lake water and its tributaries is essential. You can help by doing things such as:

creating or maintaining a natural shoreline buffer, eliminating or significantly reducing the use of fertilizers and pesticides,

proper inspection and maintenance of septic systems, keeping leaves/ grass clippings, boat fuel, cleaners and other chemicals from entering the lake, thoroughly washing watercraft and gear before entering the lake to prevent hitch-hiker species.

Water Quality

Little Traverse Lake Water Studies


​The presence of cladophora algae indicates an over-abundance of nutrients in the water, generally from sources such as septic system leaching or fertilizer run-off. A baseline survey of cladophora on Little Traverse Lake was conducted in 2016.

Enteric Bacteria / E.coli

The  LTLPOA Water Quality Committee is watching for levels of human fecal pollution through Enteric Bacteria and E.coli testing


Water Testing Presentation & Proposal (​Ray Canale)


Golden Brown Benthic Algae