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Little Traverse Lake Water Studies


​The presence of cladophora algae indicates an over-abundance of nutrients in the water, generally from sources such as septic system leaching or fertilizer run-off. A baseline survey of cladophora on Little Traverse Lake was conducted in 2016.

Enteric Bacteria/ E.coli

The  LTLPOA Water Quality Committee is watching for levels of human fecal pollution through Enteric Bacteria and E.coli testing. Recent Reports for LTL and other area lakes are below. 

Swimmers Itch

Recent water samples have been taken to determine the level of parasites that cause swimmers itch in Little Traverse Lake. A report will be posted here when available.


Ray Canale Water Testing Proposal

Leelanau Clean Water

Michigan Lake & Stream Assoc.

 DEQ Shoreline Regulations 

 Septic Systems Maintenance

 MI Law Fertilizer Applications

The use of fertilizers containing phosphorus is illegal, over-saturating the water with nutrients and causing algae and other aquatic plant growth imbalances.

Maintaining the quality of Little Traverse Lake water and its tributaries is essential. You can help by doing things such as:

creating or maintaining a natural shoreline buffer, eliminating or significantly reducing the use of fertilizers and pesticides,

proper inspection and maintenance of septic systems, keeping leaves/ grass clippings, boat fuel, cleaners and other chemicals from entering the lake, thoroughly washing watercraft and gear before entering the lake to prevent hitch-hiker species.

Water Quality